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Rick Smith is a Professor of Practice at Johns Hopkins University where is also serves as a Vice Dean at the Carey Business School. His research and teaching are centered on Strategic Management, Leadership, and Global Human Capital. As a retired Accenture Partner and Managing Director, Rick brings a pragmatic approach to academic life. He is passionate about Human Capital for competitive advantage and is constantly innovating in learning methods and practice-oriented research ideas. He frequently serves as a business advisor, guest speaker, and featured author. His interests in the people-side of business have spanned over 30 years with publications and engagements around the world.  

Competitive Advantage through Human Capital

Strategy involves a series of choices and management actions, which can be complex in today's dynamic, global business environment. It is surprising how often firms neglect to consider how they mobilize, motivate, and manage their human capital to execute on the strategy! Aligning the strategic human capital system can create a powerful competitive advantage!

Global Perspectives on Management, Strategy, and  Human Captial Development

Dr. Smith has held a variety of senior executive roles in his business and academic careers. He lived and worked in Europe, America, and Asia with more than 15 years in the growth markets of China, Singapore, India, and Indonesia. In addition to his consulting work with many of the leading global firms, he also served as the CEO of a start-up in China and has supported several entrepreneurial ventures over the years. He has been honored to serve on several boards in Asia and the USA in recent years. Prof Smith is based in Washington, D.C. when he is not traveling.