The Role of the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

While many have studied the roles of CEO, CFO, and other Top Management Team (TMT) members, the CHRO is often overlooked as a key leader in organizations. After collecting detailed information on CHROs and their organizations (using the S&P 500 group of companies) over a 20 year period, we have noted several key trends in terms of the demographics of the CHRO, dynamics associated with the appointment, and impact on results. This is an ongoing research effort with colleagues, Toro Yoshikawa and Daisuke Uchida.

What Makes A Great Place to Work

Academic research has shown that Great Workplaces outperform their peers (ROIC) and enjoy strong human capital results (engagement, turnover, etc.). Partnering with the Great Place to Work Institute, we have uncovered several new insights related to organization culture and building trust to improve the work environment. Recent research reports have centered on Teamwork, Psychological Safety, Inclusion, and Belonging. The current effort targets Employee Wellbeing, Diversity, and Innovation as we analyze lognitudinal data from millions of survey respondents. This is ongoing research with colleagues, Michelle Barton, Pete Aceves, and Chris Myers.

Cross-Border Organization Effectiveness

While there are many factors that drive the effectiveness of organizations, we have examined key areas related to global or regional enterprises. The challenge of managing regional operations or global expansions have been a challenge in practice and provide ongoing opportunities for research related to cross-border talent management, leading across borders in diverse economies, and regional structures that lead to organizational effectiveness.

Research Reports and Papers